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Customer Reviews

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Fast delivery and this stuff works great, I drink about half hour before needing and get great results. I also only drink half a mix pack, makes the order last longer and still gets the job done.

It works pretty good

It works fast and last for hours.

good product

good product I might want to try the regular strenght


It works. I was pleasantly surprised. I got hard and stayed hard. My wife and i both went until we were tired. We were able to do about 7 different positions and just enjoy our time together. No other product works for me like they say it does but herbal erect does. I recommend this product to any man having e.d. issues.

55 year old male

Product was just ok. Very fast shipping though.

Worked like a champ. Thanks.

One (1) FREE Regular Strength and Two (2) Extra Strength Herbal Erect for ONLY $23 - Just Pay For Shipping

OMGOODNESS! Its great!

I've tried this for the first time I had ordered 1 regular and 1 extra strength. I didn't try them right away. I kept getting emails from the company asking how did I like the product but I didn't respond with anything yet due to not having tried it yet. Well I finally tried just the regular strength and Wow! It worked Well!!! I'm impressed truly. Not only it worked then but I'm still getting stronger affects from it days later! Ok so when I try the extra strength I'll write in again!!! $%@#%^&^&!!!!!!! Whoa!!!! Its like getting your groove back!

Good stuff

Works well for me....I’ll continue using the product.

Erect herbal does work but I got sleepless.

Your product does work but it caused insomnia due to coffee in it. Pls, take out all coffee.

I also want to treat my andropause by any other better remedy successfully so that my body will produce natural testosterone and sperm tremendously like I was 16-20 years old before. I mean after I treat my andropause for about 6 months or a year , my sexual health is perfect like a normal healthy young 16 yrs old men until i am 80-90 years old even though I don’t need the treatment any more. That’s my dream.

No body aches

Excellent and no back pain. Tried something prior and extreme spinal pain lower back. Don’t use Mac Daddy


It actually seems to work. Husband is very happy.

Thumbs up

Seems to be working it was doing its job with the regular strength other things he tried didnt do this justice keep you on file


I have tried one pack of Herbal. The effects were positive. So I feel hopeful. Taste was ok. Results though most important. Will order more

Herbal ectract

Product does what it advertises , no side effects or very little

We emailed customer about side effect. Customer stated they was experienced 'Very slight dry mouth, but not all the time'. We suggested customer have small amount of water nearby to help with the dry mouth during any love making breaks. NOTE: This is optional given an individual may work up a sweat and have dry mouth as erections typically last for sometime.

The first time it worked great then the next time a couple of days later . It didn’t work as well.

We are happy Herbal Erect worked GREAT for you!! Recent studies have shown at 98.2% customer success rate. Please remember you must follow the directions on the box step by step with each use.

Regular Strength Herbal Erect FREE sample - Just Pay for Shipping

Works Perfectly

If you’re looking to get rock hard and stay hard, this stuff will get the job done. Somewhat intense at times. Highly recommend!

Great results!!

Herbal Erect helped me maintain staying power and put the spark back into my marriage!! Thank you.

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