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Good product

Works good

Satisfied Customer and Spouse!!!

This really works!!!


Very satisfying product

Great results

The results were just as described. Great product.


This actually works!!

Highly Recommend!

As advertised. Highly recommend.

The perfect tea you have to try it to see👍🏾

Amazing product stays in your system a few days very interested in actually selling it and would recommend it to my boys

great tea

great tea, tea works as described

Game Changer

The product works as advertised, there are no side effects and I'm not the only one that's happy I found this. My fiance is very pleased that I'm able to be ready for her.


I like the effects

I love the product. I will continue to use it

HE Extra Strength

Great product. Highly recommend it!

Been using for 8 months and helps me perform every time.

Oh yeah... It works😁

3 Pack Regular Strength
Diego Maldonado

It was fast delivery and the product is very good

The best product on the Market today

I know that I have submitted reviews before, but I can't help but tell you guys that Herbal Erect is my go to supplement for male sexual stimulation.
My personal experience might not be the same for someone else , but let me tell you that I no longer have Erectile Dysfunction. I take one packet in the morning before I eat anything , so that the supplement can get in system quicker than if I eat a big meal. Disclaimer: I AM NOT A DOCTOR. Anyone looking to start a regimen of Herbal Erect, talk to your Doctor. As a layman, I can only tell you that Herbal Erect works for me every time. My erections are harder and I last longer. The only thing that I am concerned about is the small amount of semen that comes out of my system. This has nothing to do with Herbal Erect. My physician is consulting with me on why that is. Finally , you will have to determine what level of Herbal Erect you can take safely (Again contact your Physician.) I personally am taking the Extra Strength, as my blood pressure is under control. I hopes this helps anyone that is going thru the struggles that I did.


I prefer using herbal supplement only "libido driving" products and Herbal Erect worked very well within the hour! Not only that but the affects continued for several days. Both regular & extra strength worked for me well. After using another herbal supplement for years and then suddenly they disappeared I tried many other products including my own concoction with zero results. Herbal Erect sounded like a results oriented product and I was correct as I was not let down!

Works Like a Charm

This product says it'll work. It does. Plain and simple, it works like a charm.

3 Pack Regular Strength [$8.75 each] - PRICE:

5 out of 5

6 Pack Extra Strength [$11.50 each] - PRICE:



Its really good I recommend it to my friends

5 stars!!

3 Pack Extra Strength [$11.75 each] - PRICE: