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don't knock it till you try it

This product does work. Follow the instructions. Hopefully one day they can have a pill.

It works!

Works better than any other product I have tried, and it always works!

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To high price

It a good product. It work good. It need to be cheaper. People on a fix income just got so much more ney they can spend after paying bills

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The Real Deal

The only product i found that really works, from the first time you try it

I give 4 stars

You regular strength good very expensive, I faund very good product good price, 5 stars

it works I tried to regular strength

I like the product I definitely works I didn't try the full strength yet I planned on doing it this weekend

4 stars

4 stars - 1 Pack Regular Strength - FREE sample - Only Pay $5 for Shipping


I am being satisfied with the product so far. Thank you

Herbal Erect: Life Changing

Hi my name is Regis Hyde and I am not ashamed to put my name out there for people to see, because Herbal Erect has changed my life in a way that I never expected. For many years now I have been taking debilitating medications for my Erectile Disfunction (ED). On top of all that, I have retrograde ejaculation (RE) (Sperm goes into the bladder instead of the penis) and delayed ejaculation (DE) (Unable to release no matter how much blood goes into giving one an erection). I thought my life was over in terms of having a relationship or partner. I have tried many many male enhancement products to no avail. Now all that has changed. I came across an ad for a natural herbal dietary supplement. At first I was reluctant to purchase it because everything else I have tried either works a little bit or not at all. I have now been using Herbal Erect for close to two months and it didn't disappoint. Believe me when I say that my orgasms haven't been this strong in over thirty years. I was floored. This dietary supplement quite literally saved my relationship. I have never had harder erections in my entire life. As I said , this is life changing. I am 56 years young and I am looking forward to the next 30 years with elation instead of trepidation. Thank you Herbal Erect for saving my life. I give you five stars. Thanks , Regis T. Hyde

Personal results

I have tried both regular and advanced formula, I find the main difference between the 2 is that the advanced last about 6 days where the regular only last maybe 3 or 4 days.
My primary purpose in getting the product was to have a penis that could be seen, It has stimulated the blood flow and I can now see it and use it.
I have tried a number of products to help me and I find this to be the most effective and will continue to use it, it is all herbes and no medications, no drugs. I am most satisfied with the product.

I absolutely love the product..

In my opinion it's better than viagra and best part is no side effects..lasts for couple days only concern is the price, but I'm not saying it's not worth the price, but I would seriously stock up on it if it were just a little less..

Awesome product!

I tried Herbal Erect for the first time, it was so awesome that I quickly placed another offer! It did not disappoint!

Get You Ready Quick

One of the best products on the market today with no side effects

I bought the tea for my husband it worked perfectly

Very good work is perfect.

It works.

Kinda spendy, but it does work. And lasts for a while also. Overall a good product.

6 Pack Extra Strength - PRICE:

First time

I’ve only used the regular strength one time. The product worked great. My wife and I were both happy with the result. I hope it works long term. Very good product.

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