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Regular Strength [3 pack] - Herbal Erect ($8.75 each)

Get Two (2) Regular Strength and One (1) Extra Strength - Herbal Erect with FREE SHIPPING (USA only)
great item

I got my order on 2/1/2020 I used it that night I took it on a empty stomach and in about 35 min it started to work I got an erection and keep it for about 45 min so for me it worked great I love this stuff i would recommend it to any guy that has an erection problem Thanks.

It really works.

Couldn't believe it really did work! Great!


I have ordered extra strength at least 5 times and it works everytime this stuff is amazing..

Product works . Amazed

BONANZA - Regular Strength [1 pack] - Herbal Erect ($6.99)

Seems to help

BONANZA - Regular Strength [1 pack] - Herbal Erect ($6.99)

Works great


Fast delivery and this stuff works great, I drink about half hour before needing and get great results. I also only drink half a mix pack, makes the order last longer and still gets the job done.

It works pretty good

It works fast and last for hours.

good product

good product I might want to try the regular strenght


It works. I was pleasantly surprised. I got hard and stayed hard. My wife and i both went until we were tired. We were able to do about 7 different positions and just enjoy our time together. No other product works for me like they say it does but herbal erect does. I recommend this product to any man having e.d. issues.

55 year old male

Product was just ok. Very fast shipping though.

Worked like a champ. Thanks.

One (1) FREE Regular Strength and Two (2) Extra Strength Herbal Erect for ONLY $23 - Just Pay For Shipping

OMGOODNESS! Its great!

I've tried this for the first time I had ordered 1 regular and 1 extra strength. I didn't try them right away. I kept getting emails from the company asking how did I like the product but I didn't respond with anything yet due to not having tried it yet. Well I finally tried just the regular strength and Wow! It worked Well!!! I'm impressed truly. Not only it worked then but I'm still getting stronger affects from it days later! Ok so when I try the extra strength I'll write in again!!! $%@#%^&^&!!!!!!! Whoa!!!! Its like getting your groove back!

Good stuff

Works well for me....I’ll continue using the product.

No body aches

Excellent and no back pain. Tried something prior and extreme spinal pain lower back. Don’t use Mac Daddy


It actually seems to work. Husband is very happy.

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