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Regular Strength [12 pack] - Herbal Erect ($8.00 each)

Regular Strength Herbal Erect FREE sample - Just Pay for Shipping

Does more than expected

After several times of being disappointed, and disappointing to my wife, I finally found something that works without getting a Dr's prescription.
The last time I tried it, I actually not only outlasted my wife, but she came back for more within 2 hours after we started and was satisfied each time.
She actually told me I needed to order refills. And I get no "no" responses when I want to do it again.

Everything you said it would be and more

Herbal Erect

Herbal Erect, is a great product. I recommend it highly.


The product was simply awesome.

Hopping it will work

So far so good. I've only tried it once. Will try three more time.


It worked very good and I was satisfied

Robert 69

this is the I have tried I plan to order more soon.

One (1) FREE Regular Strength and One (1) Extra Strength Herbal Erect for ONLY $11 - Just Pay For Shipping

It Works For Me

I am 67 years old and none of the other pills work anymore so I tried Herbal Erect. It have not work all the times but it have came through for me most of the time. Its been most effective in the morning I take it with hot water or coffee. Its been alright for me.

4 stars

One (1) FREE Regular Strength and One (1) Extra Strength Herbal Erect for ONLY $11 - Just Pay For Shipping


Iam a 69 year old senior iam going on a 5 day trip
I will let you know if Herbal Erect keeps the Title

Good product

It works as hoped for, it's just a bit costly

5 stars!!

5 stars!! - Strength Herbal Erect FREE sample - Just Pay for Shipping

Improved recovery & firmness

If you're like me, without serious physical issue and looking for that special occasion boost, this stuff works well. Following the suggested timing of ingestion , on an empty stomach, I've seen the results up to 3 days later on the single dose, with no ill side effects. The significant result for me were faster recovery and consistent firmness each round.


Great - Extra Strength [12 pack] - Herbal Erect ($11.00 each)

Worked Great!

Worked better than any pill on the market I've taken. Been struggling with Erectile dysfunction for almost 8 years and finally found a solution to the problem, in addition to addressing the issue, which was low testosterone. Thank you!

5 stars

5 stars - Extra Strength [3 pack] - Herbal Erect ($11.75 each)

Product works good but very expensive

Look for coupons in the mail in the next few months.

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