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HERBAL ERECT - Instant Drink

Most often, for every drug on the market there is a natural remedy. Herbal Erect is sexual male enhancement instant drink made with several natural herbal ingredients. Just add water. As a liquid it is directly consumed and enters into the blood stream faster thus making it more effective. After consumption, the product can last within your system 24 hours to 72 hours depending on your body type. Available in Regular or Extra Strength. 

Taken by thousands Herbal Erect Natural Male Enhancement has been found to give Harder Erections, Maximize Your Erection Potential, Improves Performance, Faster Recovery, Build Stamina, Greater Intensity, Improved Satisfaction, Prevents Premature Ejaculation and Greater Intensity. Our products have no harmful side effects. No customer has ever reported migraine headaches, heart palpitations, upset stomach or any other side effects using our product. 


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Why are you providing this FREE offer?

We are providing potential customers with this "complimentary free offer" because our goal is for you to have a product that works for you.  Given individual results may vary, trying the product first before purchasing might be the option for you.  Once you see our product DOES WORK, then hopefully we have a life long customer.  Our business has grown mostly by word of mouth due to the product "actually working" thus making our customers and their partners happy!! 

What are the ingredients?

For a list of the ingredients in each version CLICK HERE


Herbal Erect is available in Regular Strength and Extra Strength. There is No Membership Required, No Subscription Required, No Automatic Repeat Delivery, No Auto Re-Billing or similar type program related to the purchase of any of our products. Click this button to see all of our products. 



How do I take and how much?
Pour one (1) packet of the entire powder contents into a medium cup or coffee cup (12 fl-oz). Add warm water and stir until completely dissolved. Drink at least 30 to 45 minutes prior to intimate activity. For best results drink first thing in the morning before a meal or take on an empty stomach by allowing 3 to 4 hours for food to digest after a full meal.

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