Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQ")

Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQ")

Does Herbal Erect work?

Yes, it works!!  97.5% of our customers have been very satisfied!  We are providing potential customers with this "FREE offer" because our goal is for you to try the product so you can see for yourself that works!!  The Herbal Erect ingredients shown on the back of the box are made from a combination of various herbs. These herbs have been around for centuries but our scientific method use to combined them makes the product effective. 

I was anxious and DID NOT follow the directions on the box. Does that matter?

It is extremely important that you follow the directions step by step on the back of the box to achieve the best results. 

Will I automatically get an erection just by drinking Herbal Erect?

It’s very possible and it does happen.  However, visual or physical stimulation (kissing, oral, touching) with each intimate encounter is Highly Recommended for the product to activate within the body.  Due to the intensity, the initial orgasm may be quicker than expected.  Additional orgasms within 24 to 72 hours should take longer. 

 What makes Herbal Erect different from any other products I have tried?

There are three (3) reasons why Herbal Erect is more effective than other products on the market.  We use the way a human body is designed to work compared to a drug that forces the body to do something it may not be ready to do at that time. (1) When water is added to Herbal Erect, as a liquid it will automatically enter into the small intestine faster as there is nothing for the stomach to break down during the digestive process; (2) A person's body and blood temperature is normally 97 to 99 degrees Fahrenheit.  By drinking Herbal Erect as a warm/hot beverage, the body does not need to heat up the liquid before it can enter the blood stream thus allowing the herbs to interact with the blood steam much faster; (3) Given Herbal Erect is made of several natural herbs grinned into a powdered form it is very rare a person will have any side effects as the body typically will not reject any of the natural herbs used. 

 Can I safely take your product if I am taking high blood pressure medications?

Yes. Both the Regular Strength and Extra Strength versions are designed for men who are taking blood pressure medication and have "controlled" high blood pressure.  The Extra Strength version is not intended for persons with "uncontrolled" high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, serious cardiovascular or cerebrovascular disease.

"Uncontrolled" means that your blood pressure levels (systolic and diastolic numbers) are very abnormal with or without medication. If that condition exist please consider using only our Regular Strength version.

Why is your company offering a Free sample?

We offer our potential customers one (1) free sample per household per lifetime for a simple reason.  Instead of you spending hundreds of dollars on a product and it does not work we would rather you try Herbal Erect first to ensure it works for your body type. Then hopefully, you will become a long term customer after you see the results.  You will only pay roughly $5 for shipping anywhere within the USA. 

Will my credit card be automatic charged/billed each month? NO!!

We are one of the few natural male enhancement companies in the USA that provides one (1) Free sample WITHOUT a customer being automatically billed each month.  Additionally, there is No Obligation to Purchase More, No Ongoing Monthly Charges, No Automatic Repeat Delivery, No Auto Re-Billing, No Membership Required, No Subscription Required or similar type program related to any of our products, orders or offers. 

How can I remove products I added to checkout?

On the Checkout page click the "Return to Main Menu" button.  In the top right hand corner of the screen click "Cart".  Then remove any unwanted product.

Can I place an order over the phone?

Our team of professionals are eager to answer any questions you may have regarding our products. If you wish to place an order by telephone, please call customer service (24/7)  1-888-357-0514 or (661) 621-9043.

What is the difference in Regular Strength versus Extra Strength?

Just like spicy food some herbs are stronger than others.  Our Regular Strength version is very effective but our Extra Strength is 25% to 30% more potent due to the type of herbal combination.  The Extra Strength version is not intended for persons with "uncontrolled" high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, serious cardiovascular or cerebrovascular disease. "Uncontrolled" means that your blood pressure levels are very abnormal with or without medication. Please consider using our Regular Strength product.

How do I know this is NOT a scam like some other companies?

HERE IS OUR PROOF:  Given our product Herbal Erect has been reviewed, investigated and tested we are one of the few products that can run "paid advertisements" on Bing Ads and Google Ads.  On the Bing Ads website link below under the "Related to Sexual Enhancement” section, you will see a list several male enhancement products that CANNOT even pay to advertise on Bing Ads.  You will NOT see our product Herbal Erect on this list.

Also, for information related to the FDA, USPTO and GMP please visit our disclaimer page or click here:  DISCLAIMER

In addition, we are one of the few companies that provides our company name, mailing address, email and phone number on our website.  If you see another website that DOES NOT provide you this same information, there is probably a reason why.  Feel free to email us at if you have any questions.  Additionally, if you can call us (24/7) at 1-888-357-0514 or  (661) 621-9043.

How much does it contain?

Each box contains one (1) individual serving 17 gram powder packet. However, Herbal Erect for many customers can last within the body for up to 72 hours or three (3) days.  The amount of time depends on a person’s body type.  We do not guarantee 72 hours for each customer.  For some customer the product last for 24 hours.  For others the product last for 72 hours. 

Why should I use Herbal Erect?

Herbal Erect is specially formulated with natural herbs so there are no harmful side effects.  Taken by thousands and found to give Harder Erections, Improved Satisfaction, Maximize Your Erection Potential, Improves Performance, Faster Recovery, Build Stamina, Short Rebounding, Greater Intensity, Help Prevents Premature Ejaculation and Give Greater Intensity.  

Some of our customers do not have a medical condition but simply want to enhance their performance.  While others deal with high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculations, lack of drive, semi-hard erections and the inability to maintain an erection throughout intercourse.  These are all conditions many men face all over the world.  So you are not alone!! It does not make you any less of a man but just one who needs a little help.  Recent studies have shown these conditions can now happen at almost any age young or old due to poor diet and lack of exercise. 

Today our society has become more open minded in the purchasing of enhancement products and there are many drugs on the market that are geared towards helping with those conditions.  Yet, these are still drugs and may have long term effects which herbs do not have.  Our herbal supplement is not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent, or cure diseases but to is designed to naturally speed up metabolism, increases blood circulation and promote desire in men.

The herbal market is growing steadily.  People are finally realizing that herbs are just as effective and even better than drugs.  If you think about it, the company Whole Foods Market was founded in 1980 but natural herbs have been around for much longer than that. Today herbal and botanical supplements are the leading type of complementary and alternative medicine. 

How do I take and how much?

Pour the entire contends of one (1) packet of powder into a medium cup or coffee cup (12 fl-oz). More than 12 fl-oz of water may dilute the product. Add warm water and stir until completely dissolved.  Drink at least 30 to 45 minutes prior to imitate activity allowing time for the product to get into your system. For best results drink first thing in the morning before a meal or take on an empty stomach by allowing 3 to 4 hours for food to digest after a full meal. Take only one (1) packet within a 24 hour period for our Regular Strength version and 48 hour period for our Extra Strength version.  Results will be limited if taken with alcohol. 

What does Herbal Erect taste like?

Many have said coffee, mocha or hot chocolate. Individual taste buds vary but the taste is not bitter.  ONLY if necessary, consider adding a small amount of sugar or honey to help with the taste.

Why is Herbal Erect better?

Most often, for every drug on the market there is a natural remedy.  However, drugs can have unwanted dangerous side effects causing your blood pressure to drop.  Herbal Erect lacks those side effects.  Your erection will be stronger, harder and longer during intercourse.  The amount of time required for recovery (when you’re ready to go again) will be shorten. 

What are typical shipping cost outside of the United States?

$16.25 US Dollars for USPS small international standard flat rate.  Up to 18 oz which equals 12 units.  (7 to 15 business days for delivery).

$36.90 US Dollars for USPS small priority international flat rate.  Up to 18 oz which equals 12 units.  (6 to 10 business days for delivery).

How can these herbs help me?

Relaxing your muscles and increasing the blood flow to your penis is the key to improve the ability to get erections and maintain them until intercourse is successfully completed.  Our uniquely formulated combination works to increases blood circulation to improve and maintain erections.  Natural herbs have been shown to increase desire, drive and pleasure. 

Why is the Herbal Erect instant drink better than a capsule or pill?

When any foods (solid or liquid) reaches the stomach, it starts to dissolve.  Some foods will be absorbed into the stomach lining, whereas others will move onto the small intestine.  Depending on the type of coating a tablet (pill) has determines whether it dissolves in the stomach or elsewhere.  Many drugs have special coats that protect the medicine inside from being destroyed by the stomach acid.  Tablets in capsule form also often have this kind of protection.  Thus tablets, pills and capsules take time to dissolve.  Liquids are directly consumed and entered into the blood stream faster.  There is more surface area in liquids, leading to more molecules that are available to collide and thus, react quicker. Also, some people have a harder time swallowing a pill.

Why should I limit my alcohol intake while using Herbal Erect?

Alcohol acts as a depressant, it may lessen the expected results.  Although, our clients that consumed alcohol, reported no problems with achieving a stronger, firmer and harder erection. Individual results may vary. 

Will this make me larger than ever?

There are many products on the market which claim their product will make your double in size.  We do not make that claim with our products.  Although increase blood flow to your penis may help with growth during use, we make no claims of a 30% to 50% enlargement as other companies.  Our statement is by following all of the directions step by step on the packing, our products will help with the ability to obtain an erection, maximize your potential and maintain that erection. 

How often can I drink?

Some of our customers like to drink Herbal Erect Regular Strength daily just like drinking a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.  Taken daily for a little more than the cost of cup of coffee, increase your chances of being always ready!!

Can I order Herbal Erect whenever I need it?

Medical providers often only provide small amounts of drugs per month (3 to 5 pills).  If you need more pills (drugs) you get them yet the cost is not typically covered by most insurance companies.  It is a money game!!  This can make it very expensive for a male who is very active in a month.  With Herbal Erect, order as often and a much as you need.  You only need to follow all the instructions for best results.

Why does the product cost so much?

Most natural products are going to be more expensive because they are more costly to produce than drugs. Think about WholeFoods. Their products are more expensive for that reason but are healthier.  However, we often offer online discounts which will help reduce the cost.  

How can I safely store Herbal Erect?

Store up and away, out of reach and sight of young children.  Our products are not for individuals under the age of 18.  Do not store them in a place that is hot or humid (for example, a bathroom or bathroom cabinet).  Keeping these products in a cool, dry place will help keep them from becoming less effective before their expiration date. Product self life is 26 months. 



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