Buyer Reviews

Buyer Reviews

Check out the Herbal Erect buyers reviews below from "Actual Customers".

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Mr. Jay H.

This product has improved my sexual urge and brought a longer stronger passionate love making sessions. Im satisfied totally.

Good News for us older, overweight men!

I tried the first pkt. and it helped greatly. However, I have not had the opportunity to try the stronger version yet. Hope to soon, and am expecting good results.

It works

It works great. My wife loves the results


It really works!!!.I will be buying this product again.

Good loving from philly

Listen that D got hard an it was party time.

Exceeds expectations

Herbal-Erect indeed worked as advertised and exceeded my expectations! Thank you ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Herbal Erect - Extra Strength [6 pack] - ($11.50 each)

Effective!!! No Headaches and No Sinus Congestion!!!

I would highly recommend this product. I've many so called ED supplements and they ALWAYS have the usual side effects...headaches and sinus congestion. This product DOES NOT have those side effects. However, I've only tried the weaker of the two versions just for testing purposes. But the effects did not last 72 hours. I'm yet to try the EXTRA strength version. Overall, am satisfied with the product and will probably order more in the future.

Great Product

The Product worked very well, because I enjoy the LONG CRIUSES it allows me to Take!!!!


WASN'T SURE IF PRODUCT WAS actually working when I took the first dose...which was the regular. So I waited 3 days and decided to take the extra strength. Took it on an empty stomach as directed ..that morning. Later that evening when my lady friend came by and things got heated, I noticed and incredible rise in my penis. By the time penetration was about to take place, my penis was board hard and I was simply amazed! Good product. Would recommend and will be placing another, larger order soon!

Big dog

It is one of the best products IM ever had I recommend it to anybody

Confidence is BACK!

Herbal Erect never disappoints. Have been using product for 1 year. It ALWAYS works!

Great Product

Very consistent and works powerfully.

One (1) FREE Regular Strength and One (1) Extra Strength Herbal Erect for ONLY $11 - Just Pay For Shipping

Really loved the product I have tried a lot of different ed products and this works better than any and what I like is no side effects

Worked but

The product worked excellent for about 10 minutes unfortunately we missed that tiny window as it was our first time and it said 30 to 40 minutes!! Have now ordered a packet of the Extra Strength. As this stuff is not cheap we only got 1

One (1) FREE Regular Strength and Two (2) Extra Strength Herbal Erect for ONLY $23 - Just Pay For Shipping


Excellent product.
Worked with me, no side effects for 2 days !

It does pretty good

I would like to get another free one if I can but if I can't just let me know

Good Stuff !!

good stuff works !! works as stated

Great product

Does what it says, works fast


Herbal Erect - Regular Strength [6 pack] - ($8.50 each)

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