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Herbal Erect is a sexual male enhancement instant drink made with several natural herbal ingredients. After consumption, the product can last within your system 24 hours to 72 hours depending on your body type.

The Extra Strength version is not intended for persons with "uncontrolled" high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, serious cardiovascular or cerebrovascular disease. "Uncontrolled" means that your blood pressure levels are very abnormal with or without medication. Please consider using our Regular Strength product.

The list of Extra Strength ingredients are located on the back of the box image above and on our website on the main menu under "Ingredients".

Order contains three (3) individual serving 17 gram powder packets.

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Herbal Erect: Life Changing

Hi my name is Regis Hyde and I am not ashamed to put my name out there for people to see, because Herbal Erect has changed my life in a way that I never expected. For many years now I have been taking debilitating medications for my Erectile Disfunction (ED). On top of all that, I have retrograde ejaculation (RE) (Sperm goes into the bladder instead of the penis) and delayed ejaculation (DE) (Unable to release no matter how much blood goes into giving one an erection). I thought my life was over in terms of having a relationship or partner. I have tried many many male enhancement products to no avail. Now all that has changed. I came across an ad for a natural herbal dietary supplement. At first I was reluctant to purchase it because everything else I have tried either works a little bit or not at all. I have now been using Herbal Erect for close to two months and it didn't disappoint. Believe me when I say that my orgasms haven't been this strong in over thirty years. I was floored. This dietary supplement quite literally saved my relationship. I have never had harder erections in my entire life. As I said , this is life changing. I am 56 years young and I am looking forward to the next 30 years with elation instead of trepidation. Thank you Herbal Erect for saving my life. I give you five stars. Thanks , Regis T. Hyde

Long loving sessions

I give my lady good long lasting sex now..i get aroused very easy and ready to give satisfying results to my partner every time.


Herbal Erect - Extra Strength [3 pack] - ($11.75 each)

Great 👍

Works well but could be a little cheaper.

Stamina and endurance